Monthly Archives: January 2020

Weekly Newsletter 1-19-2020

JANUARY 19, 2020

Last Sunday we heard Matthew’s version of the baptism of Jesus, and this coming Sunday we hear the story from John’s gospel. Listen for all the titles of Jesus that the evangelist John includes in his telling of the story. Like Andrew and Simon Peter,

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Looking for a winter project?

We have school bags ready to sew for LWR for next fall. Get a jump on things and make good use of cold weather confinement. Pick up a couple school bag “kits” and get started. Thanks for your help!

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Weekly News 1-5-2020

Sunday, January 5

Within the gospel reading’s profound words lies the simple message that God is revealed in a human person. Though we may try to understand how the Word existed with God from the beginning of time, the wonder we celebrate at Christmas is that the Word continues to dwell among us.

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