Gods Work Our Hands

Sunday Sept 11, 2016

God’s Work, Our Hands Day is an annual opportunity for members and friends of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)  to express one of their most basic convictions: that all of life in Jesus Christ—every act of service, in every daily calling, in every corner of life—flows freely from a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. Lutherans work every day to make our community better, on this day they together.
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This year’s projects in Trumbull include: Blessing all the campers who come to enjoy Mosquito Lake State Park by staining tables and benches throughout the park and campground; blessing children in special education by painting classrooms at Summit Academy Community School, Warren; blessing poor children around the world by sewing school bags and assembling Lutheran World Relief School kits; blessing those who have suffered a disaster by assembling Lutheran World Relief health kits; brightening the lives of seniors by gardening work at Shepherd of the Valley (Retirement village and nursing care) Howland; blessing the hungry by buying, cooking and serving a meal at The Rescue Mission in Warren; and many more acts of service.

If you have any Questions or would like to Help call or text Pastor Denise at 330 282 2843 or Email PastorDenise@FaithLutheranParish.com

ELCA churches in Trumbull County include:

Emmanuel Warren; Grace Hubbarb; Living Lord Howland; Lordstown Warren; Messiah Warren; New Life Liberty; Prince of Peace Cortland; St. Paul’s Warren; Trinity Girard; and Trinity Warren

Everyone is Welcome to take part!

Tuesday, August 23 9 a.m. to noon

  • St. John Lutheran Church 5734 Mahoning Ave NW Warren
  • Our goal is to assist poor children to have school supplies
  • Our challenge is to sew Lutheran World Relief School bags.
  • In the church fellowship hall Jean Bolinger will supply you with fabric, pattern and instructions.
  • You need to bring either a good pair of fabric sheers or a sewing machine.

Saturday, September 10 9 a.m. to noon

  • Mosquito Lake State Park, Route 305, Cortland – we start and end at the new pavilion on the beach.
  • Our goal is to bless all the campers who come to enjoy God’s beautiful forest and lake.
  • Our challenge is stain as many of their 300 benches and picnic tables as we can.
  • At the pavilion Pastor Denise Gundersen will give you a camp map with a designated area and a gallon stain in a five gallon pail and a live generously t shirt while supplies last.
  • You need to bring a six inch roller and cover; you’re welcome to bring your own pail too.
  • At noon there will be hot dogs and drinks for you at the pavilion.
  • Ambitions crews or late crews are welcome to stay for an afternoon shift.
  • Rain date is Sunday afternoon.
  • It would be very helpful to RSVP, call or text Pastor Denise at 330 282 2843

Sunday, September 11 12:30 p.m.

  • Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 490 N High St, Cortland
  • Our goal is to assist poor children to have school supplies.
  • Our challenge is to assemble Lutheran World Relief school kits and health kits.
  • In the church fellowship hall you will join the assemble line.

You may bring supplies for these kits:

  • A LWR school kits has 70-sheet spiral notebooks, a 12 inch ruler, a pencil sharpener, #2 pencils (unsharpened), black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel pens), a pair of blunt scissors, a box of 16 or 24 count crayons and a 2 1/2” long eraser. (No substitutes can be included in these kits.)
  • A LWR PERSONAL CARE KIT contains: a lightweight dark colored bath towel, bath size bars of soap, an adult size toothbrush, a sturdy combs-no picks, and metal nail clippers with finger nail file.

Sunday, September 11 12:30 p.m.
Lunch at Shepherd of the Valley

  • Celebrate with all God’s Hands at Shepherds of the Valley, Howland
  • On the patio you will be fed and celebrated and photographed.
  • Bring a smile and wear your God’s Hands t-shirt.
  • Don’t have a God’s Hands t-shirt? Then get one at the picnic while supplies last.

Sunday September 11 at 1 p.m.

  • Shepherd of the Valley, 4100 North River Rd NE, Warren
  • Our goal is to brighten the lives of the residents at Shepherd of the Valley, Howland
  • Our challenge is weed and trim the flower beds.
  • Rick Thompson will organize this work party after the picnic lunch.
  • Bring weed whackers and garden gloves and tools

Sunday, September 11 1 p.m. to

  • Summit Academy Community School, a Special Education School at 2106 Arbor Ave SE Warren
  • Our goal is to bless the children in this special education program with bright and clean classrooms.
  • Summit is not able to afford a maintenance person, so our challenge is to paint classrooms.
  • At the school office you will receive paint and directions to a classroom.
  • You need to bring paint brush, roller, roller cover and roller pan; also a stepstool would be helpful.
  • It would be very helpful to RSVP, Lynn Bickford, the school secretary.
  • Call or text Lynn at 330 219 7444.

At your convenience, at your home or church.

  • Our goal to provide a good learning environment for the children in the special education program at Summit Academy in Warren.
  • Our challenge is to sew curtains for the classrooms.
  • You will receive all the fabric and notions necessary for simple flat curtains meant to either hang from alligator clips or be threaded over a curtain rod.
  • To join this project contact Lynn Bickford, the school secretary; call or text Lynn at 330 219 7444.