Lets Brag

Hallelujah, God is Great

July 2016

  • We all had an amazing week at VBS. With the support of the LOAF Churches, 15 adults and 17 teen helpers, 68 kids experienced the love of God. The offering this year went to Adopt-A-Foot. The $200 raised will help 7 local kids get new shoes. Thank you to all of the leaders and helpers for your time and talent that made this week possible and to the children and their families for coming. -Brian Kovach
  • Warren Family Mission sent SJLC a thank you for a recent donation.
  • ELCA Mission Investment Fund representative, Pr Kent Peterson, visited SJLC to see the roof—yes indeed, he climbed a ladder and had eyes on it. He left us a DVD about MIF and thanked SJLC and POPLC for investing with MIF. MIF has 843 loans amounting to around a $500 million; 12 loans are to NEOS congregations! The MIF also gives $1.5 million/ year in grants to new congregations, $500 to the Fund for Leaders helping to reduce seminary costs; and supports the ELCA budget.
  • The new sign at St. John is here! Thank you, Dick Beyerle and the sign committee. It’s first was ‘Welcome.’ The next day it was welcoming Pokémon Go players!
  • St. John bought a new lawnmower and a used wheelchair lift!
  • Thank you to St. John painting crew
  • At POPLC thank yous to Friz & Karen for weeding around the POP building and repairing the office entrance threshold. And Bob Mangold for sprucing up the flowering plants.
  • Bill Gore and Pastor Denise led worship on Sunday, July 17 with 55 people gathered. Thanks to Sandy K and crew for hosting the picnic.
  • Pastor Denise finished 6 hour long classes on Islam and Buddhism from The Great Courses.
  • Since 1945, U.S. Lutherans have made and sent more than $661 million worth of quilts and kits around the world. In the past 25 years alone, 8.8 million Mission Quilts, 3.3 million school kits, 1.5 million Baby Care Kits and 2.0 million Personal Care Kits. (see page 4 of the Parish Post)

June 2016

  • Thank you to Rubylee Jordan for making a boat on our float. Thank you to Danny Westbrook for driving his truck and pulling a trailer with the float. Thank you to all who decorated float, walked/rode in parade, Girl Scouts’ participation, set-up, cooks, servers, pavilion cleaners, WELCA for cleaning tables, cookie bakers. We served 160 hot dogs to our community friends, lots of cookies, lemonade, and ice water.
  • Thank you to everyone who donated granola bars, crackers, nuts, candy bars, popcorn, fruit snacks, etc. In addition, drinks were purchased from noisy change offering in April. Sandy Gibson and Sara Glee Baxter delivered the snacks and drinks to the Champion Police Department and Champion Fire Department. They heroes were quite thankful for our thoughtfulness. Just doing what Jesus wants us to do!!
  • Worship and picnic June 12 were great. Thanks to all who helped in any way. Thanks to kids who played the games and Kelly Agler for her help with the games.
  • Frank Hanek was baptized and joined the POP family. Dana Fitzgerald and her children Emma, Erin, Benjamin and Cameron Stewart, Ray Arkwright, Ike and Jeanine Isaacson, and Vanessa Bachman joined the POP family. John Smiley and Gini West joined the St. John family.
  • Faith Lutheran Parish raised over $1,200 for Relay for Life. The Cortland/Champion Relay for Life has raised over $35,000! Thank you, Team LC2 and a salute to Dave for walking 24 hours with his two young neighbors.
  • Libby Roche, Miles Wagner, Ethan Toot, Seth Arkwright and Pastor went to Camp Frederick for Servant Week. We painted hundreds of 4×8 chip board sheets and cut enough them to size for over 30 houses. We helped organize the new Youngstown Neighborhood Development Association workshop. Back at Camp Frederick we untangled a human knot of 15 people, did low ropes course, the climbing wall, archery, captured the flag, had camp fires, evening worship, morning devotions, reviewed the day and ate camp food. No injuries! Everyone had a great time!
  • Erin Burns has accepted a parish call to St John, Petersburg and Emmanuel, New Springfield in Mahoning County! She will be ordained in August, along with three others at Zion, Youngstown.Brian Kovach, Sandy Kovach, Lindsey Kovach, Pastor Denise, Sharon Arkwright, Wendy Lambert, Kelly Agler, Missy Givens Shehane, Zach Hall, 15 other LOAF adults, 15 teens and 68 children had a great week at Cave Quest Vacation Bible School.
  • POPLC paid off the mortgage early. We saved thousands.

May 2016

  • Tim and Sara Glee Baxter are grandparents! Andrew and Kate had a baby boy, Charles Gregory Haden “Charlie” February 26th.
  • Pastor Denise returned from family leave. “Thank you to all the FLP leaders who led 9 worship services, comforted the grieving, prayed for the sick, and studied the Bible.”
  • Prince of Peace sponsored the Red Cross Blood Drive. Eight volunteers registered and handed out snacks to 25 blood donors.
  • More Prayer Shawls were blessed and delivered.
  • Relay for Life Easter breakfast served 60 people and raised $130
  • 10 home communions this Easter!
  • Thanks to all who helped with the school lunch program! With help from our LOAF partners we sent sack suppers for 25 children in the after-school program at Warren Jefferson School for three months. And Adopt a Foot bought 6 pairs of shoes for those students. See the Cortland News for the whole story!
  • Holy Humor Sunday had 45 minutes of jokes!
  • From April to June SJ will give 10% of the proceeds from St. Pauly clothing shed to Warren Family Mission
  • Dick Beyerle polished the SJ brass communion rail.
  • SJLC delivered 24 Bags ‘o Blessings for the homeless and a cash donation to the Basement Outreach Ministries in Warren.
  • Sunday school students contributed 5 drawings and 3 reflections for the 2016 Lenten Devotional.
  • Prayer and Care committee, WELCA and Pastor sent 40 cards to celebrate events and remember the hurting.
  • WELCA sent a donation to ELCA Global Women that was doubled by a matching grant to give scholarships for girls. WELCA also donated to and packed Community Easter Food Baskets at Otterbein MC. And WELCA did the annual spaghetti dinner at SJLC and assisted with a Community German Dinner to assist Kenny Richmond who is fighting cancer.

March 2016

  •  Cortland Area cares has served 976 people in 399 households in the month of November 2015; that was down– in September 2015 we served 1300 people in 562 households.
  • Loving Care gave away 11 prayer shawls in February.
  • 11 council members met for a day long retreat on 2/13
  • 23 members from POP and 18 members from SJ met for the Annual Congregational meetings
  • 250 copies of the Lenten Devotionals went out! And we’re still making more!
  • TALC confirmands led the Ash Wednesday Service—5 were from POPLC. A total of 46 members attended. Total attendance was 155!
  • 100 sandwiches, 100 fruit cups, 100 deserts = 25 happy kids, 25 grateful families and 4 teachers are able to concentrate on teaching! Thank you to those helping feed the children in the Warren Jefferson after school program.
  • Souper Bowl of caring raised $43.45 to be sent to Basement Outdoor Ministries in Warren to be used for their ministry to the poor and homeless.
  • Carol Sandrock is in the IMA World Health 2015 Annual Report on pg. 27. She crocheted at least 200 caps for newborns.
  • Thank you, Lord God Almighty, for the life, death and resurrection of you, Jesus Christ! Thank you for joining yourself to our humanity and living a life of love and mercy among us. Thank you for dying at the hands of sinners, dying for all us sinners. Thank you for showing us eternal life. In you we too have victory over sin, death and the devil. You have reconciled us to God, now living in that amazing relationship of grace, let us learn to be reconciled to one another and to the planet. Amen.

February 2016

  • Christmas un-decorating was done in a snap—many hands make light work. Thank you to all who helped!
  • Jean Bolinger got a wonderful Thank You card from Adopt-a-Foot. We put joy and shoes on children.
  • Brian and Vanessa were married at POPLC on Sunday, December 27
  • Christmas Eve worship was over 225!!!
  • Ten home communions were given this Christmas
  • Happy New Year to all from Alda Fickes, Betty Andrews and the Stewart family.
  • Thank you to former member Jane Lehto who sent us 12 beautiful hand knitted hats for the Mitten
  • 2016 councils met and organized for the year. Thanks Leaders!
  • Twelve TALC confirmands, four pastors and two adults enjoyed and overnight stay at Camp Frederick
  • 14th Annual Bill Schwartz & John Kovach Chili Cook-off took place Saturday, January 23. Proceeds benefit Relay for Life-American Cancer Society
  • Thank you to Pastor Don Barnes for sharing a message during the week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
  • Big “Thank YOU!” From Pastor Denise for the wonderful Christmas from POPLC and SJLC. “I love you too!”



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