LWR ingathering for North Eastern Ohio Synod

October 13-14 in Seville

The quilts from POP will be displayed and blessed Sunday, October 7th. Jean would like help after worship September 30th to bring the quilts into the sanctuary and help display them. Then on the 7th after worship it would be good if people could fold up the quilts and pack them in boxes waiting in the narthex. The quilts, health kits and school kits will be delivered to Seville, Ohio (thank you Fritz and Karen Poese!) then go on to New Windsor. Thanks to all the quilters and all who donate to the kits.

If you would like to make a Servant Week Outing to LWR headquarters in Windsor MD you can join a group going for October 14-17. Jean Bolinger can help you connect with Terry Wentworth of Emmanuel LC to make all the arrangements.


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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