Weekly Newsletter 11-03-2019

Our condolences to Rita Benoit along with the family and friends on the passing of George Balash last Monday. 
Congregational  Meetings
Prince of Peace: Sunday, November 3 at 11:30  a.m. followed by “Thankfulness dinner”                      

St.  John: Sunday, November 17 following the  Worship Service. 
Thanksgiving Food Baskets
@ SJ:  Non-perishable  food  items  for  the  Thanksgiving food  baskets  are  needed  by  Friday, November  22. 

Noisy Change for October will be for gift certificates to go with the Thanksgiving food baskets.
Will be providing shoes for area students this  month, so your donations before November 30  would be appreciated.  Please make your checks  out to Prince of Peace, but indicate that it is for  shoes! Shoes will be purchased at Neal’s Shoes  in the Warren Plaza for $30 a pair.  We hope to  give away 100 pairs to students in Lakeview,  Maplewood, Mathews, Bristol, Badger and Champion Schools grades k-8. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 
Thankfulness Dinner
 The big day at Prince of Peace for this is Sunday, November 3rd. There will be a lot going on that day – some very important stuff you should part of! The day starts with the 10:30 worship. Before we leave the sanctuary we will sing Happy Birthday to those special folks born in November! Also we will watch the always special All Saints Tribute with lots of pictures of many of the people we love. After a short break we will gather for the SACM (Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting). Obviously money is very important and this is when we vote on next year’s budget. (Controversy unlikely this time around.) And finally we will all eat together at the “Thankfulness Dinner” in the fellowship hall. Sparkle’s outstanding fried chicken will be the main fare (provided by donors). You folks will supply the surrounding, delicious sides and desserts! As we near Thanksgiving, give some thought about what you are thankful for this year. It just might come up that day! 
Nativity Display @ SJ
Saturday, December  14,  11:00  a.m. to  2:00  p.m. The  Parish  members/friends  are  encouraged  to  share  nativity scenes  for  display at  St.  John  for  the  community  to  come  and  see.  Then  visitors  will  be  invited  to  sit down,  relax,  and  enjoy  some  soup,  cookies,  beverages  and  fellowship  in  the  fellows hip  hall.  No  admission  fee.  Please  register  with  Sara  Glee  Baxter  by  December  10th if  you  plan  to  display  your  nativity(ies).    luvs2bak@embarqmail.com or 330-847-9715.
Lakeview  K-8  is  always  grateful  for donations  of  canned  food,  especially  peanut  butter and  tuna.  Spaghetti  sauce,  macaroni  and  cheese, soups  are  also  welcomed.  Please  leave  your donations  on  the  table  in  the  Fellowship  hall. 
Operation  Christmas  Child
Spread God’s love and fill a shoebox with a “Wow” item such as a soccer ball, clothing, stuffed animal or small instrument such as a harmonica; personal care items such as a comb, toothbrush, washcloth, packaged bar of soap, band-aids, reusable plastic cup; Clothing and accessories such as socks, hat/scarf/mittens, sunglasses, underwear, flip-flops, shirts and pants; crafts and activities such as pencils, manual pencil sharpener, pens, crayons, markers, coloring pads and coloring books, small adhesive tape, glue stick, play dough, stickers; toys such as a foam ball, tennis ball, slinky, finger puppets, etch-a-sketch, cars/trucks/boats, plastic dinosaurs and tools; and a personal note and/or picture of you.  Include $9 for postage and handling per box.  Of course, you cant fit all these items into a shoebox.  Just pick and choose what you’d like to send.  Shoeboxes need to be filled and brought to SJ by November 17.