Worship Service Times

To renew worship for joy and unity the Parish Worship committee recommended to the Parish councils and the councils agreed to change our worship schedule to one service at POP and one service at SJ starting April 11th. Linda Webb is working on choosing music to blend the best of the contemporary and traditional music for worship at POP and will share the contemporary resources with SJ. When POP is using contemporary songs that SJ may not be using, the worship folder will list another hymn for SJ.

The time of the worship services is not yet set. The worship committee proposes that the schedule flip at least once a year. Because POP does not have air conditioning, the committee proposes 9:00 a.m. at POP and 11:00 a.m. at SJ and then flip these times in September.

At the SJ congregation meeting, there was support for this proposed schedule. At the POP congregation meeting today, there will be time to discuss the proposal over dinner. While we eat our potluck supper, the council members will spread themselves among the tables for discussion. They will ask:

  • In the last year we made a few changes to worship, how do feel about worship now?
  • Outreach is very important at POP, how do feel about our current outreach?
  • Are your spiritual needs being met, is there more that POP can do for your needs?
  • How would a 9:00 worship service work for you and for POP


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